Our Clients Love Us!


We’ve been doing this for over 10 years and have inspected over 5,000 houses in the West Michigan area.  In that time we’ve assembled an impressive list of accolades, from happy new homeowners impressed with our minor repair suggestions for their new home to grateful buyers that were able to walk away from a potential money pit.


We maintain a 100 Net Promoter Score and a rating of 9.9589 through Home Gauge.


Here are just a few of the rave reviews we’ve received over the years*:


“John Did an amazing job with the inspection. He saved me from 30 years of payments on a house that wasn’t worth the money. I will be sure to have John Wade inspecting all of my homes in the future. Thank you John”


“Incredibly professional and efficient. John not only gave our home a thorough inspection, but took the time to offer intelligent suggestions on future maintenance, repair projects and general home upkeep, which was a plus for us first-time homebuyers. He spent several hours on the inspection, provided a great report (both hard copy and digital) and overall gave us a very unbiased assessment of the quality of the home. Highly recommended.”


“Professional, thorough and a nice guy overall! He explained everything to us clearly which was highly appreciated”


“We were very pleased with John!! He set the appointment up very quickly and worked very diligently. John took the time to go over things with us as we were first time homeowners and very new to the whole process. We would definitely recommend John!!”



“Mark and I are both very impressed with the thoroughness of the inspection and the clarity of the report. We also really appreciate the suggestions for cutting down on heating/energy costs. We would not hesitate to recommend J.W. Inspection Services to friends and relatives. Thank you very much.”


“I use John for inspections as often as I can. He is the only inspector that I personally recommend to others.”


“John is very thorough, prompt and does a wonderful job of home inspection. I would highly recommend him to others needing this service. John takes the time to educate my client’s on not only the major items but the smaller items and the recommended maintenance or resolve.”


“You guys were both very open to answering my questions. I like that you walked me through and showed me what you found in your inspection, especially since some of this is new to me. You were very helpful with explaining and suggesting repairs that I could do myself and repairs that I would need help from others to do. You were quick and efficient, but didn’t make me feel like you were in such a hurry that I couldn’t ask questions. I appreciate the work that both of you did. Thank you.”